Our footage library contains over 700.000 high-quality stock shots. This page offers some information about our stock footage collections and gives you the chance to search for your own perfect clip. If you're not sure what you can search for, through our categories you can just step in and take a look. Just give it a try…

Search for Stock Footage

In need of extraordinary stock footage? We've got a huge collection of high-quality stock footage. Whether you are looking for rights-managed or royalty free just type in what you need and find out what our library has to offer. And even if you can't find the perfect shot online, there is still a chance to come upon it in our offline collection…

Instant Stock Footage Licensing

Your ideal video clip is just a few clicks away… Framepool offers simple and fast licensing and download of all available Cineflex aerial stock footage.

  • Find – Online & Offline Research
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  • Use – Customized Download

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High-quality Stock Footage

Framepool offers a wide variety of stock footage. Just take a look at our showreel and enjoy some of our best video clips. There is sport, history, nature and many other topics covered by our short clips.

Creative Stock Footage

This footage selection is dedicated to all creative film genres with a focus on ideas and staged scenarios rather than documentation – like for example commercials, image films, digital signage, etc. You would like to show people in various situations and actions to promote a product? Or you need great landscapes and nature shots to create a special atmosphere or visualize a specific idea? No problem, an enormous collection of high-quality shots is waiting to be discovered for your individual project…

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Editorial Stock Footage

This category is related to documentation and reportage. The use of footage in this area is manifold, just as the topics. Whether you are dedicated to a topic in an editorial way or it will make the setting in a feature film – here you can choose from a full range of professional shots. Be it wild life or nature, countries and cultures or social items – we found renowned specialists as licensors for each topic. And now it is up to you to select the perfect shot for your specific project…

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Historical Stock Footage

Framepool's collection of historical footage reaches from the end of the 19th century until the latest 21st century event. With this collection we serve the most important events of the 20th century. Footage from the second world war, the flight to the moon and famous speeches of Kennedy and Martin Luther King. For nearly every epoch and every major event we have some stock footage for you're historical film or documentary.

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Royalty-Free Stock Footage

You are looking for affordable clips with unlimited usage rights and comprehensive legal protection? Find royalty-free footage out of all thematical areas at a fix price – just choose your favourite takes and use them over and over again in your diverse projects. Highest quality is a matter of course!

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Framepool offers over 40.000 Aerial Video Clips made with world leading Cineflex technology. Our Cineflex stock footage page offers some insights into the opportunities along with this technology – but also gives you the chance to search for your own perfect clip. Aerial footage made with Cineflex technology belongs to the most requested content in our collection. Our showreel contains some examples – enjoy the beauty of the world from a bird’s eye perspective! Explore our hand-picked Cineflex collections with aerials from Bavaria, New York and Scandinavia.

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The history of the first half of the 20th century was capured on thousands of Newsreels. Framepool is proud to offer a wide variaty of Newsreels…

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Framepool offers over 50.000 Aerial Video Clips made with world leading Cineflex technology. This page offers some insights into the opportunities along with this technology – but also gives you the chance to search for your own perfect video clip. Just give it a try…

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Frampool Stock Footage Library

Leverage one of the world's largest stock footage archives for your individual video project. Framepool offers more than 600,000 shots for online research and immediate download. Premium footage from more than 700 filmmakers, producers, TV channels and news agencies – including Agence France-Presse (AFP), ORF, Studio Hamburg DocLights, National Film Board of Canada and many more. All you have to do is search, find and license – your perfect shot is just a simple click away.

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Framepool Blog – Passion for Film

Inspiration and news – that’s the mission of Framepool’s corporate blog. Join us and discover new content, industry insights and simply nice video trailers…

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Footagebase The Footage Wiki

The Wiki project „Footagebase“ collects relevant information about how to shoot great footage. What kind of locations are worth being captured on film and which are the most promising perspectives. The site lists different camera types and video technologies and gives an overview about useful companies in the stock footage industry. The project just started – feel free to contribute!

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